Day 3. Washout

Yesterday, it began raining as we descended down Dartmoor, and it stayed all day. Everything was soaked. Bags, bikes, clothes, seats, brakes, the lot!

The rain is just no good. It damages everything. Phones , GoPro, and helmets all got soaked and had to be dried off on a radiator. All the internal padding on Fletch’s helmet has even disintegrated!

Anyway, onto today. 82 mile in the wet. 😦 Travelling to Taunton, Glastonbury , Wells, Cheddar Gauge we were expecting nice scenery today. Instead it’s very wet and slippery tarmac and dark grey skies which means no pictures. Safety 1st!

One thing to look forward to today is the hospitality at David Lloyd tonight which was donated by them as part of the ride.

We’ll report in this evening or tomorrow morning as normal. Pray for an improvement in the weather for us please 🙂

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