Day 6

After a seriously long day yesterday of 97 mile we were treated to some very fine hospitality at David Lloyd club in Warrington. They pulled out all the stops with welcome banners, food, beer, and unlimited use of their facilities. It was seriously appreciated and well needed!

It was a sunny day yesterday to start then once we hit Chester the heavens opened and it stayed for the rest of the day.

Today, Thursday, we continue North. From Warrington we travel to Leigh, Bolton and Blackburn then head over the Forest of Bowland. Check out the route here for a more detailed description. You’ll see there’s plenty climbing involved.

Weather wise, it’s a miserable start and waterproofs are on but according to Mick (our newly trained weather man) the sun will be out this afternoon. We’ll wait n see! We need good weather as it’s simply not enjoyable when it’s raining.

Body wise, our joints are ok, 🦵 the back ends are becoming raw 🥺 and the thighs a little tender 🥴

Wish us well eh?

David Lloyd Warrington

4 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. It’s canny what David Lloyd gym has done for ya’s there like lads and it’s also well deserved 👏. Keep going lads 👍


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