First half heroes…

We’re about halfway now and it’s time to call out the hero’s who’ve helped us out along our journey so far.

Travel day:

Lauren and the team at GWR, for taking a real interest in what we were doing and supplying us with complimentary tea and bickies on the long train journey south.

Kate at The Boat Inn, Penzance, for sorting us with a pint when we arrived and helping arrange our taxi over to Lands End.

Day 1:

Day one hero’s are ourselves. Yep, we’re bigging ourselves up from the start for giving up our own time, leaving our families, taking time off work, and self-funding the trip. All in aid of a great charity St Benedicts Hospice.

Day 2:

Day two was a very long stretch over Devon and Dartmoor in particular. The cycling this day was helped along with a request and shout out on Planet Rock Radio. Thanks Murray for actioning and reminding us why we’re doing this.

On that evening, we knew it was gonna be a late arrival at our digs and Julie from The Lakeside had arranged a carvery for us at 9pm! Now that’s above and beyond! It tasted fantastic too!

Day 3:

On day 3 we met up with Alan who lives in Taunton (Fletch Snr’s best mate). Fortunately Alan had been up Sunderland the week before and took a parcel of fresh clothes and cycling gear back down. Upon meeting up he also sorted us with brews, cakes and bananas. Cheers Doc!

Day 4:

No one was helpful or charitable today on this leg so we just plodded on. So we’ll take this day to say a huge thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read the blog and donated on the just giving site. Thanks a lot!

Day 5:

Shrewsbury Cycles was the hero on this day. The owner, known as Pork Chop supplied Mick with a front spindle for his bike free of charge, and also donated to the charity.

Day 6:

The David Lloyd group. We met a stranger called Dean on the platform at Durham who also happened to be a senior at David Lloyd. Dean learned of what we were doing and arranged for complimentary access to Bristol and Warrington gyms where we had dinner, beer, protein shakes and use of their sauna, spa, and jacuzzis. Dean, thanks a lot pal!

At Bristol, it’s a thanks to Charlie and his team, including Laurence , a young lad who also had completed JOGLE (lejog backwards) at age 12!

At Warrington, it’s a big thanks to David, Katie, Rosie and team. The welcome was great, banners excellent, and sorting of taxi much appreciated. What a club too!

Well….that’s it for now, more thanks at the end of the trip to cover the second half.

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