We set of this morning with Scotland in our sights. 10 mile in we get to Gretna and cross the border. We’re making good progress and know some more good scenery will be coming on this leg.

Let’s hope the weather fairs up to allow us to enjoy it. Today, there’s no rain which is welcomed 🚴🏼

No mechanical issues on the bikes are present but Micks knees are now worn out, to the point where he is wearing 3 knee socks? Fletcher’s thighs are about to explode but Barry is plodding on without a niggle. (So he says)

Tonight our destination is a services on the M74 (Abington) so not a lot going on there but before that we travel through Lockerbie and Moffat. 2 places for pit stops and lunch.

Happy Hooper

One thought on “Scotland…

  1. You could have ordered better weather. I’ll bet the lycra is chafing a bit too.
    How was the curry?
    I’m amazed by your progress, go guys!


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