The one we’ve been waiting for…

Day 10, the one we’ve all been waiting for. Loch Lomond to Fort William. The scenery so far is awesome and beats Warrington just a bit 😄. It started once we past Glasgow and Dumbarton.

Even though it’s one continuous road for 70 mile today (A82) I don’t think we’ll be bored with the views, especially through Glencoe this afternoon. Will try to get some pictures as we go as we’ll be stopping off for bait (if the midgies don’t get us). Fish n Chips I reckon for late lunch 🤔

People must also be watching over us today as they’ve given us clear skies and sun as well. About bloody time!

To be fair though we did had ok weather yesterday, with Micks speaker blasting out some rock music as we pedalled along the Clyde. Fletch got badly sunburnt on his shoulders. Factor 30 on but it’s the ginger skin ya see 🌞🥵

We managed to pick up a Scottish flag too and we’re trying to re-enact Braveheart scenes. All a bit fun and keeping us entertained and also the commuters too who gave us plenty hi-fives and beeps as they passed.

We’re setting off now but before we do there’s just time to take a picture of this mornings views.

Over n out…

Loch Long

4 thoughts on “The one we’ve been waiting for…

  1. I know you’ve been looking forward to today’s part of the ride so enjoy lads. I’ve been checking the blog every day as well as enjoying the videos Fleck has sent over to me on Snapchat. Keep going lads!


  2. Fantastic chatting with you all this afternoon… Massive congratulations for getting to the top of that hill… Its a struggle in the car…


    1. The amount of hills and mountains we’ve climbed now, that was just another one ticked off 😃. Cheers for the Whiskey Quinton. We’ll have that over ice later 🥃👌


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