Me and Dad at the start in 2015


“LEJOG for John 2021”

Having cycled for a number of years, back in the summer of 2015 I decided to do LEJOG. I was a lot younger and fitter back then and completed it in 11 days, raising money for charity along the way. A solo effort, with the added support of my Dad (John) at the beginning and end stages.

Inspired by my journey, my dad always said that once he retired he’d love to support me the whole way with pit stops, food, drink, luggage and more so company of an evening if I ever chose to do it again.

What a great adventure that would be eh? 2 weeks touring the country with your best mate, along with the added bonus of no bags to carry 🙂

Since completing LEJOG back in 2015, a number of barriers and life changes have prevented me doing any planning and prep, including moving away for work, suffering injuries and breaks to both legs, pandemics and lockdowns.

All that’s passed now and I’m ready to go…

However one more life changing event would happen in the summer of 2019. My dad was diagnosed with cancer. It was very aggressive, caught too late and sadly he lost his battle to it a short while later at the age of 62. He never achieved that retirement.

My motivation for this ride is driven more than ever by this loss and I’m looking forward to the challenge while helping to raise money for St Benedict’s Hospice along the way, I’d love to have your support on this journey.

Dad, this is for you mate… “LEJOG For John 2021”


“Adventure before Dementia”

Having been a keen cyclist for a number of years and doing many rides for numerous charities I have decided to attempt to cycle Land’s End to John O’Groats, unsupported.

I am doing the ride with 2 of my good friends Barry and Fletcher over the course of 13 days starting on June 19th 2021. The accommodation has been pre-booked strategically along the plotted route, and while I know it means there’s a shower and beer waiting for me at the end of every day, I’ll have to physically reach those destinations!

There’s a number of reasons that’s influenced my decision to do this ride but the main driving force behind it all is to raise money for St Benedict’s Hospice and in memory of lost loved ones.

They are a fantastic organisation and both my mother Michelle and family member David who both sadly passed away from cancer, received the best care possible during their final days.

Life is too short… don’t dream… get it done…

Adventure before Dementia (so they say)


A man of little words…

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Good Luck Michael 👍
    On your adventurous Bike Ride LEJOG2021 with your mates Mick & Barry🚴
    In memory of your Dad(Fleck Snr), Michelle Hooper and Bill Haley.
    I’m so proud of you all and know you can do it.
    Dad, Michelle and Bill will with you’s all the way👼
    Keep Safe
    Mam (Alice)


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