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Day 9

We crossed the border yesterday and blasted our way to Abington, burning off the Indians we devoured the night before. It was a nice day, but for us, any day without rain is now classed as a nice day! This morning, we start early and continue on the long road up Scotland. 75 mile toContinue reading “Day 9”


We set of this morning with Scotland in our sights. 10 mile in we get to Gretna and cross the border. We’re making good progress and know some more good scenery will be coming on this leg. Let’s hope the weather fairs up to allow us to enjoy it. Today, there’s no rain which isContinue reading “Scotland…”

Day 7. Another washout

Hello everyone. Today the weather is awful. It seems like it’s following us up the country. 3 or 4 days solid rain and it’s beginning to become annoying. Spoiling the fun and thats being polite – those that know me know exactly what I would normally say! We’re travelling through the whole Lake District andContinue reading “Day 7. Another washout”

First half heroes…

We’re about halfway now and it’s time to call out the hero’s who’ve helped us out along our journey so far. Travel day: Lauren and the team at GWR, for taking a real interest in what we were doing and supplying us with complimentary tea and bickies on the long train journey south. Kate atContinue reading “First half heroes…”

Day 6

After a seriously long day yesterday of 97 mile we were treated to some very fine hospitality at David Lloyd club in Warrington. They pulled out all the stops with welcome banners, food, beer, and unlimited use of their facilities. It was seriously appreciated and well needed! It was a sunny day yesterday to startContinue reading “Day 6”

Target achieved by Day 4

We wake up this morning knowing our £1000 charity target has been reached. Thank you everyone who’s donated! It’ll make a great difference to the Hospice. On to today. Our 4th consecutive day on that tiny saddle and by time we’re done tonight we’ll have covered 300 mile. Check out our route here. The weatherContinue reading “Target achieved by Day 4”

Day 3. Washout

Yesterday, it began raining as we descended down Dartmoor, and it stayed all day. Everything was soaked. Bags, bikes, clothes, seats, brakes, the lot! The rain is just no good. It damages everything. Phones , GoPro, and helmets all got soaked and had to be dried off on a radiator. All the internal padding onContinue reading “Day 3. Washout”

Days 2 arrives….

We arrived in Looe yesterday tea time after a long stint in the saddle. No mechanical issues with bike or body so far! Weather had changed in the afternoon and the waterproofs were forced out. It was wet and muggy. This morning, it’s similar, hence the lack of photos. Today we cycle to Dunkeswell nearContinue reading “Days 2 arrives….”


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