Day 4

Day 4: Avonmouth to Bucknell

Well day 4 is here and immediately setting off from Avonmouth we cross over the biggest bridge on the whole ride, the Severn Bridge and into Wales. Navigating through Chepstow and cycling along the Wye Valley, we’ll get some time at Tintern Abbey and then up to Monmouth, where we’ll stop off for breakfast around 25 mile in.

After our 2nd breakfast of the day we’re back on the saddle heading north for 20 miles of hassle free roads before arriving into Hereford.

From Hereford there’s just 20 odd mile left. If the skies are clear we’ll hopefully catch views of the Black Mountains to our left as we head towards the small village of Mortimers Cross and then onto Bucknell in Shropshire via more open country roads.

We’re now starting to make progress up the country and accrued 300 mile.

Elevation & Distance

Day 5

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